Sweetgreen: A Creation of Nathaniel Ru


Fast food chains continue to pop up more every day. While many of them began switching to more healthy and fresh recipes, they may not be as fresh as they proclaim. One company that’s not struggling to embrace the modern consumer’s concern about food is Sweetgreen, a salad chain.

Founded by Nathaniel Ru, current co-CEO, Sweetgreen sparks millennials’ love of healthy food. It’s not just about building a restaurant that’s everyone’s favorite. It’s about feeding people better food that beneficial for everyone. So far, customers seem to be responding well to Sweetgreen’s personal investment in their food preferences.

Back by investors like Steve Case, Danny Meyer, and Daniel Boulud, Sweetgreen has more than enough support to try new business strategies. One element to Sweetgreen’s success is its comfort using technology to better interact with customers. While technology is nothing new to any industry, nearly one-third of their orders happen on their website or app.

The most innovative strategy used by Sweetgreen is its new management platform. Most companies lack a personal connection to their customers because most of the corporate work is done in an officer. Sweetgreen investors believe in visiting and working in their restaurants on a regular basis as a way of staying close to their customers. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

The founders feel as though having large corporations in charge limits everyone’s experimentation and growth. They thought it extremely important to bring in as many contributing minds as possible. It’s something they learned in their entrepreneurship class back at Georgetown University.

The true brilliance behind their success was simple: they created a healthy place to eat because there wasn’t any in Georgetown at that time. It’s the age-old entrepreneurial strategy: see a problem and creating a solution. They knew their idea would succeed after surviving their first winter break on a college campus.

As every entrepreneur will say, in the early days of a company, the founders do all the work. It was no different for Sweetgreen. What was different for Sweetgreen was their fast expansion. Customers love Sweetgreen and they needed to open more locations quickly; means the three founders were quickly overwhelmed.

Now that the company’s doing fine, they can look back and see some of their mistakes. One of their most important was not getting help before things overwhelmed them.

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