Rick Smith Provides Excellent Communication to Inmates through Securus Technologies

An organizations’ performance and standards highly rely on its management and leadership. A great leader can guide his staff and impart excellent working skills in them. One such leader with these qualities is Rick Smith, chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has been able to bag massive universal awards like the gold awards for best customer care services in 2017. Additionally, the organization has seen numerous correctional facilities acquire modern communication gadgets for ease in communication. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

Work Environment

Rick Smith’s leadership further extends to his role in providing a comfortable work environment for Securus employees. A review from one of the workers highlights that Securus has a professional work environment, great pay and bonuses. At Securus, the core objective of the management is providing a link for communication between family and inmates. Rich Smith oversees all decision making by ensuring that correctional facilities receive the right communication gadgets for their needs. Rick’s passion for helping the disturbed is manifested in his management. He focuses on consistently developing new strategies, which feature a harmonious work environment for staff and inmates in correctional facilities. His approach towards humanity promotes an active work and life balance for communities and workers.


Through Rick Smith’s leadership at Securus Technologies, the organization brings families together by synergizing excellent customer care services and the affected families. Rick offers his employees flexible working hours by ensuring that they learn to love what they do. He chairs management boards meetings geared towards bridging the gap between inmates and families. Throughout his career in Securus Technologies, the organization has registered massive growth marked by excellence over the past thirty years. Being a growing company, employees have the chance to sharpen their skills in management under Rich Smith. He mentors and encourages workers to become better every day. Reviews by the directorate and clients show that he is a great leader who gives a chance for growth to his employees.

Services Provided

Securus Technologies is embraced for its services to the community. With Rich Smith as the chief executive officer, the organization tops the list of largest service providers for prisons and correctional facilities. Rick has been able to see Securus generate modern communication gadgets to offer communication services like parolee tracking, detainee communications, and public information management. The organization, which has its headquarter in Dallas Texas, provides its services to over 2600 inmates across North America. Rich Smith remains a prominent leader recognized for gearing Securus towards providing comprehensive, revolutionary and technical solutions for faster customer service. He services law enforcement communities through his chair.

About Rick Smith

Rich Smith is the chief executive officer of Securus, the world’s largest and best service provider for communications services to correctional facilities. He is in charge of daily decision making. Under his excellent leadership, Securus Technologies is safe and affordable communication methods for inmates and families.

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