You can’t have a conversation about tech mogul and real estate developer Arthur Becker without exploring his interesting and varied work history. Becker is one of the individuals out there who truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and it seems like he will be riding that spirit to fruition for years […]

The creative work of Brazilian advertising icon Alexandre Gama has led him down many different paths on the way to achieving a level of success that has rarely been seen in the marketing industry in the world’s fifth largest economy. Alexandre Gama is not only defined by his work as […]

Litigation attorney Karl Heideck has published a brief report that outlines the present state of the litigation financing market. Mr. Heideck is an attorney who specializes in commercial litigation, risk management, product liability, employment law, compliance and corporate law. He is based in the Philadelphia metro area and works as […]

Four years ago the scene of active wear and sports gear changed completely when Fabletics joined the industry. In early July 2013, JustFab launched a new branch called Fabletics. The name is a portmanteau of the words fabulous and athletics. The Fabletics company was founded in collaboration with the face […]