Four years ago the scene of active wear and sports gear changed completely when Fabletics joined the industry. In early July 2013, JustFab launched a new branch called Fabletics. The name is a portmanteau of the words fabulous and athletics. The Fabletics company was founded in collaboration with the face […]

For a long time, Chapstick has enjoyed a monopoly in the lip balm market. Being the only player in the game, clients who wanted to try out something new were obliged to choose the variants of Chapstick. However, a new entrant came into the fray seven years ago. The new […]

Sam Tabar, a partner at FullCycle Fund, is known as a successful investor and acclaimed legal expert. His achievements include raising $1 billion for various alternative investments products, which is even difficult for highly established and celebrated investors to make it. His decades of experience in both legal and investment […]