Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Looks to Bring Excitement Back to the Advertising Industry

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The tight controls many companies retain over their marketing and advertising options can see many ad agency executives and creatives struggle to share their own personality with the public, but Mullen Lowe Brasil CEO Jose Borghi has recently looked to create an Instagram campaign that was all about highlighting the fun and excitement of his own ad agency.

Jose Borghi has always been an advertising specialist looking to push the boundaries of Brazilian advertising and take his work to a global stage on his own terms; beginning in 1989 as a creative at the Standard Ogilvy agency, Borghi has been willing to take many risks during his career, including forming his own agency with little to no financial support. The BorghiErh advertising agency was born in the home of business partner Erh Ray and consisted of the two founders, but has since formed international partnerships with the Mullen and Lowe agencies to become known as Mullen Lowe Brasil.

The success Jose Borghi has enjoyed over the course of his career has seen him reach the very heights of success through his work with many different clients, including global giants Fiat and Parmalat for whom he developed unforgettable campaigns that live on in the annals of Brazilian advertising. In terms of his recent Instagram campaign the advertising executive who has won an amazing 15 Cannes Golden Lion’s and 11 New York Film Festival prizes for his work gave his team free reign to develop a series of short videos that were only given the criteria of being fun; the target audience for the videos was also a broad one with the entire population of the planet Earth viewed as the client.

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  1. Borghi himself led his creative team as they looked to show the possibilities offered by Instagram and other social media platforms for all aspects of the Brazilian advertising industry. It is also true that can do their best to ensure that everything goes as planned too.

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