John Goullet: Using Productive Paranoia to Stay at the Top

Information and technology is a diverse and versatile field that requires a special interest to succeed. Some people take years to decide on what field they want to concentrate in while others know from the beginning what they want to venture in. John Goullet is one of those that had to test the waters to know what he wanted to specialize in. up till 1994, Mr Goullet was an IT consultant. He worked alongside firms and clients to provide them counsel on the various solutions. However, in 1994, he switched his career to mainly focus on IT staffing.

Info Technologies was established in 1994 as an IT staffing company. Mr Goullet worked alongside various renowned companies in the Fortune 500 to find them staff. He concentrated on this field and gained an extensive knowledge about the industry. For years, he spent time learning his clients and coming up with ways to make their problems solved through IT solutions. His passion for his company, clients and employees saw the company receive various awards and increasing their revenue.

Mr John Goullet admits that his greatest push is the belief that his competitors are working hard to pass him. This has worked for him for years as it gives him the strength and creativity to be smarter than his competitors. Mr Goullet believes that what sets him apart from his competitors is his determination and hard work. He has learned from his past failures to always hold himself and others accountable for their responsibilities. By so doing, every individual knows what they are expected and supposed to do. In case of any issues, it is easy to follow up.

Years in IT and as an entrepreneur have given Mr Goullet a deeper understanding of the business. He has therefore merged his company with DIVERSANT LLC, to offer solutions to their clients. At DIVERSANT, he serves as the principle and is in charge of the company’s strategic planning. Together with his partners, he has pushed the company to being one of the largest African American companies offering IT and staffing solutions in the country and learn more about John.

John Goullet has a MD in Computer Science From Ursinus College.

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