How EOS Became A Top-tier Lip Balm Firm

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For a long time, Chapstick has enjoyed a monopoly in the lip balm market. Being the only player in the game, clients who wanted to try out something new were obliged to choose the variants of Chapstick. However, a new entrant came into the fray seven years ago. The new product, named EOS lip balm, was on everybody’s lips. It gave Chapstick a run for its money. Within a few months after its launch, it had won over the hearts of many, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

The company ( currently sells over a million products weekly and hopes to increase the rate in the future. Managing partner Sanjiv Mehra attributes this success to prioritizing product creation and marketing. He also added that the firm strives to shed light on its operations and values to its clients.

EOS was established by Sanjiv and his friends after they noticed they could improve the services offered in the beauty industry. They narrowed down to the lip balm niche due to the lack of diversity of products in the sector. At the time, lip balm was a unisex product. However, after extensive research, Sanjiv and his partners discovered that the product’s users were predominantly female.

Armed with all relevant facts and statistics, Sanjiv and his friends set out to make the perfect lip balm. Their objective was to develop an entirely new product, rather than revamping the existing ones. The outcome was a product that incorporated a silky design, variety of flavors and organic ingredients, all at an affordable price.

Like with any new product, clients were having reservations about trying EOS out. Male customers were particularly skeptical. However, this challenge was short-lived, as they managed to land their first client within a short time. After some time, the product was on the shelf of nearly every new outlet,

To enhance their Well known brand, Eos executives collaborated with luminaries like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. They also partner up with leading beauty bloggers. Moreover, the company maintains a strong social media presence, as displayed by the huge number of followers on their social pages on Facebook and Instagram.