Fabletics – High Quality and Smart Marketing


Four years ago the scene of active wear and sports gear changed completely when Fabletics joined the industry. In early July 2013, JustFab launched a new branch called Fabletics. The name is a portmanteau of the words fabulous and athletics. The Fabletics company was founded in collaboration with the face of the enterprise – the American actress Kate Hudson.



The Fabletics brand was highly expected all across the United States of America due to their prelaunch campaign which was crafted with a lot of skill and understanding of the online marketing industry. Fabletics reached out to social media influencers and suggested they review the products of Fabletics on their channels, blogs, and other social media platforms. The chosen influencers were mostly people in their 20s.



The prelaunch campaign was extremely successful, but once the brand of Fabletics was made available to the public, the success continued. The Fabletics brand utilises the reversed showroom technique which has gained a lot of popularity over the course of the last few years. It is also used by the leading giant Amazon. However, since Fabletics joined the scene, it has excelled in sales and has even better Amazon when it comes to athletic wear and sports gear.



The reversed showroom technique allows the client to inspect the product in person before purchasing it. This technique is a double edged sword. On one hand, when the quality claims are being met consistently, the client will return to buy again. The company will also attract new buyers. On the other hand, however, one slip up regarding quality can cost the company both clients and revenue. Fabletics has not experienced such problems so far. The claims of high quality at a reasonable price have been met continuously.



The brand of Fabletics capitalises through monthly subscriptions. The new client is asked to fill out a survey that has the purpose of getting to know the customer’s preferences better. The study asks for measurement as well. After that, there is a team of stylists, exclusive to the brand of Fabletics, who curate a large number of outfits for each client to choose from.



There are several physical stores across the Unites States of America. There has been a great demand for more so Fabletics is planning on opening a few additional stores in several bustling cities. Clients also have the opportunity to visit the physical stores of Fabletics and get counselling on their outfits by the in-house stylists.