Doe Deere, The Person Behind The Beautiful And Colorful Lime Crime

Cosmetics Industry

Doe Deere is one person who has taken the internet, and cosmetic market segment by storm with her makeup and beauty line – Lime Crime. Dubbed by her fans as the Queen of Unicorns, this Pastel haired beauty is known to be one of the biggest entrepreneurs today. Doe started her journey with Lime Crime when she began experimenting with makeup herself. Since a child, Doe has always been fascinated with color and making everything seem magical. As this caught her eye, the makeup options that she had in front of her didn’t come in all the shades she wanted to paint her world with. She realized that makeup brands limited women with the colors that they offered them. Doe wasn’t someone who was satisfied with just having shades of red in her lip palette. She wanted more. Therefore, she started making her makeup with the colors that she wanted to fuel her need for being creative, which ultimately led to the foundation of her brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime offers its customers a wide range of beauty products which have all been certified as vegan and which do not conduct tests on animals of any kind.


Over the years, Lime Crime has become one of the most well-known cosmetic brands in the entire world, with numerous customers and followers on social media sites. Doe grew up in Russia but moved to New York when she was seventeen to pursue her career in music. Since she was young, she has always been ambitious and been the kind to live out her dreams and see them to fruition. She attributes her skills in marketing to the experience she garnered when she was pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician. She has an incredibly strong social media presence with millions of followers. Doe Deere is everything that Lime Crime embodies, which is why she is looked up to by so many makeup enthusiasts. By wearing her makeup along with her hair dyes, she has made herself the face of Lime Crime, for thousands of people to follow and imitate.


Because of Lime Crime, Doe has given women all over the world the chance to express themselves creatively and use their bodies as a canvas to showcase their art. She believes that her makeup can empower people, as they fearlessly can be the people that they want to be, expressing themselves entirely.