Doe Deer; Who is She and what’s Lime Crime

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If you like loud vibrant colors, then you are sure to enjoy Doe Deere’s Company Lime Crime and her beautiful cosmetic products. Doe Deere is an up beat, positive, ambitious individual that took her own love of creativity and vibrant colors and has shared it with the world. In an interview she stated that she didn’t dream of what she is doing now, having her own company and creating cosmetic products, but did dream about becoming a musician. Born in Russia, Doe moved to the United States at the age of 17 and pursued becoming a musician in New York City. This is where she gained her skills and knowledge about management and marketing and learned to appreciate those who enjoyed the same things as her.

Doe Deere never really planned on creating her own business but after creating an E-bay account where she modeled her own DIY products, things kind of just took off. Being the entrepreneur she is she began her journey sewing and wanting to have makeup that matched her style she found these intense colors where hard to come by. In 2008 the popular look for makeup dealt with lipsticks of beige and such, so she decided she would create her own products to share with boys and girls all around the world who wanted express themselves in a like minded fashion. Doe believes in the freedom to express yourself. She says her makeup does just that, lets her express herself in a way she feels is right and comfortable for herself.

Lime Crime is a company with animal cruelty free products and certified vegan as there are no animals involved in any way. There are products for your lips, eyes and nails with products for your face coming soon. There is a huge variety of lip products with different shades in several series. The series includes diamond crushers, metallic velvetines, matte velvetines, velve-tins, perlees and unicorn lipstick. Each series has its own unique line of vibrant colors and some are shiny like the diamond crushers series and some are dark and bold with no glossiness.  Lime crime also sells pop on nails in several colors and is in the making of a highlighter palette. If interested in different products, there are bundles that are sold that contain different color lip products as well as a lip and eye bundle.


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