Doctor-Focused Practice Model at the MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental management and practice development firm fully owned by dentists. With over 70 affiliate locations around six states in America, the firm is purely dentist-focused. Read more: MB2 Dental Solutions | White Pages

MB2 Dental mainly focus their management services on providing affiliated offices a suit of service to help them run their practice efficiently, thus having full control of patients care and standard of care at their practice.

Apparently, this has mainly helped their affiliate offices maintain 100% clinical autonomy, hence independently and efficiently running their operations.

The affiliate dental practice management service mainly relies on the principle that dentists ought to engage in dentistry alone and not other office practices that are common in medical bureaucracies like accounting of staffing. MB2 Dental thus mainly recognizes that patient care and satisfaction is of gross importance.

They consider these areas as confusing, burdensome and time consuming for dentists and, as such, releasing them from such duties frees them to focus on dentistry and patient care.

In short, what sets MB2 Dental apart is the fact that they always stress on patient care. A dentist is required to give their patients full attention the patient; all other activities are to be handled by their team members. This policy applies across all their 70 affiliate offices.

Their teams of experts includes human resource managers, accounting and finance experts, the credentialing section, compliance section, IT experts, market team, recruiting team, procurement section, business and development section as well as training experts. This complete combination deals with all bureaucratic operations across all MB2 affiliate offices. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

MB2 Leadership Team

A wide network requires a strict leadership team for its success. At the helm of leadership in MB2 is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is also the founder as well as the CEO of the firm. He has worked as an associate dentist, an advocate for doctor-focused practice model, associate dentist trainer and mentor, and dental director.

The BS Microbiology graduate from the University of Florida well understands both the practice and the business side of dentistry. Other members of the leadership team include Justin Carroll who is the COO, Justin Pucket who is the president and Mark Fuller who acts as the CFO. This leadership team has showcased determination in making MB2 a success.

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  1. Their main operation perception is to give their affiliated dental practices and dentists maximum time to engage their patients. Their team of experts handles other non-clinical areas of dental practice. That may have included things in which review has become so skeptical about and will give rise to a lot of surprises.

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