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Human Resource

Brian Torchin is a medical professional who studied in the University of Delaware where he majored in exercise science with a degree in chiropractic studies. Over the years, Mr. Torchin has built his brand in so many ways.

One of them is coming up with a human resource company that outsources their services to their clients. Most of their clients are medical facilities and law firms that need more personnel. In addition, the firm also provides consultation services for those looking for medications.

Mr. Brian Torchin’s business is successful with branches in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. He dedicates his time and energy to the firm so that they are able to provide the best service in the region. In fact, HCRC Staffing™ is considered the best full service firm that provides staffing and consultation services for medical facilities.

Today, the firm serves clients from all over the world including the United States of America, Australia, Europe and Canada. Moreover, over two hundred companies are now using the firm to reach their desired personnel.

Glassdoor reported that Dr. Brian Torchin reaches the desired audience through the various social media platforms. For instance, he uses both twitter and Facebook to advertise for any positions that need to be filled. On visiting the social media platforms, one will notice that there are advertisements regarding various vacant positions.

They also give the exact locations where the jobs will be so that an individual who wants to apply for the job knows exactly where he or she should be placed in the event that he or she gets the job.

Mr. Torchin has revolutionized the healthcare and legal industry by ensuring that there is regular, fast and constant supply of highly qualified personnel. This has directly influenced the development and efficiency of the medical industry especially in the United States.

Other people in the world should also follow suit and ensure that they come up with such ideas that will see the health care industry go to another level. Imagine having to wait for less than seventy-two hours to find someone who is fit for the job at your firm.

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