Daniel Taub’s Successful Time of his Life as an Ambassador


Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He was raised in the area and went to University College in Oxford. Daniel later joined University College in London and lastly went to the Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University. After his education, Taub moved to Israel when he was a young man in 1989.

Israel has been his home since then, and he even had to give up the Britain’s citizenship. Daniel decided to join the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and his job was to provide medical attention and services during combat. Later, he became the reserve officer in the International Law Division of IDF. In 1991, he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry and had worked for several diplomatic and legal institutions.

In 2011, Daniel Taub was honored with the Israeli Ambassador position, and he was to represent Israeli to the United Kingdom. Ambassador Taub was to go back to his native land, and he found it exciting.

The job gave him the opportunity to meet the Queen of England, and this was the first time Daniel was meeting her in his life. Daniel came prepared with enough proof to show that he was the Court of St James’s Ambassador of Israel. Enough credentials were not all he had to offer, but his dress code also made a statement of its own. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.com/ and https://twitter.com/danieltaub5

The Ambassador was wearing a black morning tailcoat and the known striped trousers. The other thing was his black shoes that were cleaned and shined to the point they reflected light. Daniel wore the head Kippah, and from his dress code, it was evident that he was an Orthodox Jew and was not afraid to carry his faith wherever he went.

The Queen had to ask Daniel how it felt to come back to his native land and according to the Ambassador he felt honored to be back in Britain. He felt that the whole experience would be a chance to show his children where he came from and appreciated the entire history of their family.

The job also gave him the opportunity to bring Israel and the United Kingdom together and closer than they have ever been. Daniel Taub did what he had promised, and many people were grateful for the work he had done.

After four years, that is in 2015 he had to leave the United Kingdom after his term was over. According to sources, Daniel Taub was considered the most well-known Ambassador with great achievements.