Bridget Scarr talks about her daily routine and what she’s inspired by

Advertising Executive

Bridget Scarr is influencing minds with her though provoking pieces of work. She engages audiences with her inspirational and uplifting films with a little help from Colibri Studios. She opened the content development studio in response to a career shift. She wanted to focus on the creative aspect of content creation.


The Executive Producer of Colibri Studios went to Rhodes University where she received her degree. Bridget Scarr is a Partner and Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media and a Co-Founder @livRe VR. She has over 15 5 years of experience as a executive producer in animation, television, and advertising. Bridget overseen productions with huge teams in entertainment, children’s animation, lifestyle, factual entertainment programming, and drama.


This brilliant mind is located in the United Kingdom and she loves to mediate. It how she starts everyday. It’s what keeps her going and energized. She then has breakfast with her family and then hops over to the office. Bridget works hard from 9am to 12pm, then has lunch with her family. They do it every single day without fail. When 2pm rolls around Bridget gets back to work and finds inspiring material, answers emails, or reads. Whatever gets her creative juices flowing. Once work is finished for the day she and her family takes a walk or goes to the park to get their son some much needed energy out and then they have a light dinner. When the kiddo is in bed she continues to do a little work, watches a TV series, then takes a calming and meditative bath.


Virtual reality is a thing of the moment and really inspires Bridget. How it can impact someone’s emotions, their minds, and creates memories is amazing. She is most interested in how they will connect virtual realty with education. In the way of productivity, Bridget finds that meditation is her best friend and she recommends that everyone does it. Also, anything that nurtures her creative spirit is very important to her. What helps her get there? Nature and time outs. It helps her think and connect to things in a meaningful way. It is also re-energizing. She also believes in magic even if no one else does. Looking back on her life she would tell her younger self to believe in herself and trust her talents. Also, trust your journey. It may not be perfect or easy, but it is yours and things will all work out fine.


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