An Eye Opener on Equities First Holdings

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Equities First Holdings is a company that was established five years ago which advises people on investments and give financial solutions. It also helps people with small loans and offers services for shareholder financing. Since its establishment, Equities First Holdings stands out as one of the largest shareholder financial institutions. Over the years, it has had solid partnership ties with investment banks, law firms and the world biggest custodian banks.

Before inception, Equities First Holdings had the name Meridian Equity Partners. Lawyers in Morgan Lewis firm helped in the acquisition of the new name from the former. After acquiring the company, the president of Equities First Holdings sought expansion back in the year 2014. It saw the opening of five new offices in the overseas countries. It also gave a chance for the company to become a globally accepted product. The company is presently located in London. Due to the growing demand for shareholding financing, the company has experienced drastic growth in the different offices around the world. In London, Equities First Holdings boasts of completing over seven hundred transactions and learn more about Equities First Holding.

In a press release this year, Equities First Holdings confirmed that they received repayments of a loan that had been given to Paysafe Company back in 2014. Mr. Joel Leonoff, the Chief Executive officer of Paysafe, had signed a stringent agreement of paying the loan in whole. The date of agreement termination was 19th April. The Paysafe Company had five business days after the date to end the contract. It involved all shares being returned to Equities First Holdings and more information click here.

Equity First Holdings has helped many companies thrive in these harsh economic times. The Paysafe deal was the second press release since the business was established. The first one was completed with the Angle PLC Company. The agreement between the two ended in 2016. The Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings has expressed a sense of satisfaction with the progress of the company. The Company is still sealing deals with other investors indicating a positive future.

Equities First Holdings focus on supporting and lending to many startup companies. The benefits of working with this company are because their rates decrease with the period of the loan. If you encounter a problem repaying the loan, the company only takes your stock and nothing else. This company has helped many investors achieve their goals, and it’s still on the fore front of shareholder financing and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

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