Advertising Is Just One Side To Alexandre Gama

Advertising, Marketing

The creative work of Brazilian advertising icon Alexandre Gama has led him down many different paths on the way to achieving a level of success that has rarely been seen in the marketing industry in the world’s fifth largest economy. Alexandre Gama is not only defined by his work as an advertising executive who has a long history of winning awards and achieving success; instead, he has become a major force in a number of different areas that have piqued his interest. The role of Alexandre Gama in the Brazilian advertising industry was confirmed when he became the first marketing professional to have his work displayed in the Brazilian Art Museum.

Outside the advertising industry, Gama is well known as a leading figure in the attempts to preserve the cultural tradition of Brazilian guitar playing, a role that has seen him establish the VIOLAB foundation tasked with encouraging young people to get involved in the traditions of Brazilian guitar techniques.