Are you tired of spending a fortune on hair care products and not seeing the results you expected? Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, created an alternative to the chemicals that normal shampoos and conditioners contain and made an all natural safe and effective product that people say has left […]

Betsy DeVos is a politician, philanthropist and best known for being a businesswoman. She is married to Dick DeVos, and the two have been known to do a lot of charity work especially when it comes to the education sector. As Trump came into power, she was selected to be […]

If you like loud vibrant colors, then you are sure to enjoy Doe Deere’s Company Lime Crime and her beautiful cosmetic products. Doe Deere is an up beat, positive, ambitious individual that took her own love of creativity and vibrant colors and has shared it with the world. In an […]

Fabletics is a superb internet clothes seller with physical vendor locations. Fabletics parent company is the highly distinguished JustFab, Inc. Their ranking among the Online Retailer Top 500 Guide places them at number 98. Fabletics was created by the wonderful Hollywood performer Kate Hudson. Fabletics is a trendy clothing seller […]

David Giertz recently spoke with Veronica Dagher, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, on the subject of retirement planning and social security. As a financial advisor for Nationwide Financial with over 40 years of experience in the industry, David Giertz has a lot of knowledge on this subject. According […]